Avanti tutta! series

I have been involved in all what concerns the audio of this incredibly fun project, from the soundtrack to the memorable songs, VO recording, mixing, and sound design.

Firstly, I came up with the idea of semi-animated comics, as you can see from the excerpt up here, which saved the company half a million dollars. This also had the great outcome to be even better for the purpose, of having clear speech bubbles that appear for better comprehension.

Secondly, I have composed the soundtrack for the 15 episodes and created the SFX soundscape, and mixed and mastered it all, along with creating songs for the course.

I have also managed all the VO implementations for the associated App, and various recordings for the assessments and for the digital learning platform.

All these efforts were collectively recognised and the course won the EPA Awards 2022, competing with monsters in the educational industry.