Tutto Bene! – Season 3

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Continuing from Tutto Bene! 2, Season 3 further explores the relationship between our characters, focusing in particular on Sandro’s father Pietro, and his upcoming wedding with an angel (literally, she flies and stuff).


We had very little time to write this series: we already booked tickets to shoot Season 2 in Italy, and wanted to see if we could also cram in the last season and stay for one month, without having to wait for another year. So in 4 weeks, we wrote the script for all 10 episodes of season 3, with all the difficulties and limitations of writing a script to learn the language (we could only talk about past things in episode 6 of this season!).

Since we had big budget and time limitations, we decided to rent a villa in Tuscany, set the whole season there, stay for 2 weeks, sleep, live and shoot there.

The series continues the b-series style, embracing the absurd and integrating it into the story.


Season 3 had a bigger cast than season 3, more choral scenes and one location. It was done at the same time as Season 2.


Many episodes of Season 3 had their very own character, and the music had to follow: suspense for ep2, trippy for ep5, investigative for ep 7. It was mostly done with a hybrid of orchestra and band, and as per the previous seasons, the signature series motif was used throughout, in many different ways.